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Webinar - Driving Standardization: UCB’s Metadata Automation Journey

Feb 15, 2021 2:58:37 PM




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Driving Standardization in Clinical Trial Design and Build: UCB’s Metadata Automation Journey

In this free webinar, our Customer Success Manager Gilbert Hunter, discusses the importance of metadata standardization in clinical trial design and build. You can hear a real-world case study from global biopharmaceutical company UCB, as they share their experience of implementing a clinical metadata repository (MDR). And how this has helped them to achieve their ultimate goal of automating clinical data processes.


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Standardization is an integral step in improving the clinical trial design and build process. Furthermore, organizations are looking to leverage technology solutions to effectively manage and automate metadata processes. But what are the driving factors, challenges and important considerations for those looking to modernize their approach to clinical trial design and build?

Our webinar explores these considerations and discusses the role of metadata standardization in end-to-end trial design. But not just from our perspective. You can hear real-world insights from global biopharmaceutical company UCB. They discuss their ongoing journey to achieve standardization – in particular, the role of technology in achieving metadata automation. You’ll benefit from UCB’s first-hand experience, including effective strategies, avoiding pitfalls, and best practices for driving standardization through a clinical metadata repository.


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Presenters are:

  • Gilbert Hunter, Customer Success Manager, Formedix.
  • Stayce Murray, Head of IT, Digital Clinical Development, UCB.
  • Cindy Stroupe, Senior Principal Statistical Programmer, UCB.


You can learn about:

  • Change management – metadata automation and the automated study concept.
  • How to achieve reuse and standards compliance in clinical trial design and build.
  • Essential considerations for a successful clinical metadata repository (MDR).
  • Practical implementation – culture and mindset change.
  • The challenges you’re likely to face and how to navigate them.


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