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Webinar: Accelerating Clinical Trials With Best-in-class Technology

Nov 16, 2021 12:29:54 PM




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We recently partnered with eClinical Solutions for the "Accelerating Clinical Trials With Best-in-class Technology" webinar. 

The webinar sees thought leaders from Formedix and eClinical Solutions discuss metadata management, study automation, and ultimately how to gain faster insights with Clinical Metadata and Data Repositories.


The Speakers

Gilbert Hunter - Customer Success Manager, Formedix

Mark Wheeldon – CEO, Formedix

Dawn Kaminski - Senior Director in Data Strategies, eClinical Solutions

Nathan Johnson – Director in Data Engineering, eClinical Solutions


The Problem

Traditional methods of setting up trials and managing large volumes of clinical data rely on time-consuming, repetitive manual processes. Today, our industry is increasingly adopting technology solutions to automate end-to-end clinical trials, from protocol to submission. As a result, it’s vital for organizations to be armed with the right knowledge and strategy when selecting solutions and vendors, in order to avoid pitfalls and pave the way for successful implementation.


The Solution

In this webinar, Formedix and eClinical experts discuss the various solutions to this problem, their pros and cons and key considerations to address.

Should organizations build a proprietary platform? Go for a stack solution from a single vendor? Or adopt an MDR-CDR multi-vendor approach?

Watch the webinar and learn how integrated MDR and CDR solutions can be leveraged together to maximize speed, quality and efficiencies in clinical trials. Speakers draw on real-world use cases, and demonstrate how best-in-class software can work in harmony to drive business benefits and long-term return-on-investment.

The speakers also show the Formedix ryze platform and the eClinical elluminate platform in action, through short demos. 

Don’t miss out – watch the webinar to learn how to successfully implement technology for automating end-to-end trials.


Watch the webinar



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