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In the spotlight: Christopher Garvin (Technical Writer)

Oct 12, 2021 2:37:19 PM




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Christopher Garvin | Technical Writer



Christopher joined Formedix in April 2021 as a technical writer. It’s only been 6 months since he joined the company, but his work is already making a great impact on Formedix and our customers!

With a background in physics and technical writing in the customer engagement software industry, Christopher became interested in Formedix for its culture: “Formedix seemed to me like an established company with a progressive and hardworking yet fun culture!” He was especially interested in ryze, our recently launched clinical MDR & automation platform, because he saw the potential of the cloud-based tool for accelerating clinical trials.

“I joined at a time when this amazing new product was being launched, and I could feel the excitement of the company, which in turn made me even more excited as I knew there'd be scope for me to be involved too!”


Working at Formedix

Christopher explains that for him, the major plus points of working at Formedix are the flexible working hours and the 4 day week; He now has more time to spend with his family! You can read more about Formedix’s 4 day week in our blog post.

His first impression of the working culture at Formedix was confirmed very early in his induction:

“I like how everyone is really approachable. I'm lucky because in my role I get to speak with so many people from different departments (developers, professional services etc.), and everyone I've approached so far has always been very available and ready to help.”


Technical Writing at Formedix

Christopher explains that the role of the technical writer is very broad, and day-to-day tasks change frequently. Some days you might be working on re-writing developer documents in a customer-facing format, other days you need to document a new feature or do some coding. No two days are the same, and that's what Christopher really enjoys about being a technical writer at Formedix!

The role can be technical at times but also creative, depending on the projects: “I love the job because it's very dynamic and you can really make it your own. It’s a carve-your-own-path kind of role!”


Coming soon… Formedix Community!

Thanks to his skills gained working in the customer engagement software industry, Christopher is part of the team that helps support the ryze platform. In particular, Christopher has been working on how-to documents, videos, help guides on how to use ryze and how to maximize its capabilities. Stay tuned for more information about the Formedix Community!


We're extremely happy to have Christopher on board and we look forward to seeing the difference he'll make to ryze in future!




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