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How about a 3 day weekend?

Oct 11, 2019 12:00:00 AM



Rachael Yates

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How about a 3 day weekend?

There’s loads of great employers out there. Places where you get to have real impact. Where you see your ideas brought to life. And places where you’re rewarded for your hard work.

That’s us. That’s Formedix! If you join our team you’ll get to really contribute and put forward your ideas. Whether it’s a new way of working, or a great idea for our software platform. We’re agile and flexible enough that nothing is set in stone. We can adapt how we do things – especially if someone’s got a great idea.

And there’s some nice perks for all that hard work too. Like flexible start and finish times. Want to do the morning school run? Or be home early to cook dinner? No problem. Core office hours are 10am-3.30pm. Aside from that, it’s up to you.

But what if we said you could have a 3 day weekend too?

That’s right. You can work 4 days instead of 5. For the same pay! And instead of cramming in 150 hours each month, you do 136. How amazing is that!



So why did we do it?

Several reasons really. One was to increase job satisfaction. So that people feel happy to work for us, and are therefore more likely to stay. If we can give our employees a better work-life balance, they’re more likely to live happier and healthier lives. And they’re more likely to come to work feeling refreshed & motivated.

We also did it to attract new talent. It can be tricky for a smaller company to stand out against large brands. So we wanted to offer something different. Not everyone can say they get a 4 day week – for the same salary as 5 days, and fewer hours!





And how did we do it?

So first we did a trial. To see how a 4 day week would work for everyone. In reality, would it give people a better work-life balance? Would it increase job satisfaction? And could we do it and still keep the same levels of productivity?

After a 6 week trial, we asked staff to do an anonymous questionnaire. And the results were clear. All staff wanted to make the 4 day week permanent. 89% said it had increased their job satisfaction. 94% said it gave them a better work-life balance. Even in terms of productivity it was better than we’d expected. 45% said their productivity was the same. And 55% said it had actually boosted their productivity.

Darren Bill, Head of Operations at Formedix, who originally championed the 4 day week said:

“We already offer some nice perks. But now we wanted something a bit special. To give people even more flexibility. So they can balance working life better with friends, family, hobbies… and all the other good stuff in between. The trial went so well that we rolled it out permanently straight away.”

And if any future employees want to work a traditional 5 day week, they can. A 4 day week isn’t mandatory. So people get the choice when they start working with us.


Sound good?

Check out our Careers page for more info. See if any of our roles sound like you. And if you feel like you’re a good fit, get applying and let’s get to know you!

Go go go… Show me your job opportunities!!

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